This Is Happening- LCD Soundsystem


‘This Is Happening’ by LCD Soundsystem is our first installment in classic Friday here at Deaf Press and for good reasons. First, James Murphy announced a new LCD Soundsystem record not too long ago, so why not revisit their latest record? Second, LCD Soundsystem help shaped modern indie and electronic music. And third, this album is just really fucking good. While a lot of people rave over the self titled 2005 debut record, which is still a phenomenal record. “This Is Happening”  is my favorite from the band who seems to release amazing record after amazing record. But this happening truly stood out within LCD Soundsystem’s discography, the synths, the drum machine, and James Murphy’s voice all blend so well together. Also providing the listener with some of James Murphy’s best lyrics: on songs such as ‘Dance Yrself Clean,’ ‘I Can Change,’ and ‘Home.’ I love how James Murphy decides to start this album off with this quiet bongo rhythm and soft singing before allowing the song to explode with heavy synths with no build or warning at all, making anyone want to dance themselves clean. Followed by the very aggressive (for LCD Soundsystem) ‘Drunk Girls’ which embodies the early to mid 2000’s indie rock scene. While ‘I Can Change’ adds this very catchy synth line and disco inspired rhythm and the hook ‘never change, never change, never change, this is why I fell in love,’ creates one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard. James Murphy’s project LCD Soundsystem still tends to extremely underrated, I know that they’ve played sold out shows at venues like Red Rocks, but for some reason I just feel as though they don’t get the recognition deserved. Maybe it’s just cause I live in the states. I’m struggling with how to describe this album, since it is a unique piece and LCD Soundsystem is a unique band within the music world. But ‘This Is Happening’ is a really wonderful record. ‘This Is Happening’ came out in 2010 on DFA and Parlophone records on vinyl, CD, and all digital formats.

For Tim Reece, you’re with us in some shape or form. Thank you.

Written by Zander Velleca.