Bodyguard- The I.L.Y.’s


Zach Hill and Andy Morin are back again with another album under their project ‘The I.L.Y’.s’ titled ‘Bodyguard’. After the release of their 2016 sophomore album ‘Scum With Boundaries’, many fans began to speculate that this was more than just a Death Grips side project. The I.L.Y.’s make that clear on this third album. Along with the promise of a future physical release (marking the first physical release of any I.L.Y. music) the band has also announced that they will be playing live shows in the future, taking the I.L.Y.’s on  their own journey and separating them from Death Grips. Of course Zach and Andy plan to continue working with Death Grips but it is clear that they are ready to attempt their own separate project. If ‘Bodyguard’ achieves anything, it is only that. The album just lacks that classic Zach and Andy feeling that their prior albums held. A few of the songs such as ‘Wash My Hands Shorty’, ‘49er Lighter’, and ‘This Is How It Is Now’, stay true to the identity of the I.L.Y.’s but the rest just seem to fall short of that. Upon a first listen I wouldn’t have been able to figure out that Zach and Andy had anything to do with the album if I hadn’t been told. Some of the songs just feel like strange indie rock songs with little to no spice to them, ‘I Love You Man’ being the most notable. The album is much more accessible than their previous two albums which could be what the band was aiming for. I can see this album serving as an appetizer to the rest of the bands menu for newcomers. Accessibility and quality are two very different ways of judging an album and a really good album maintains its accessibility while remaining original and true to the artist. You will lose potential fans if an album is much to accessible to the point of being completely different from your other work. Maybe The I.L.Y’s are trying to reform their image and move into a different direction than they first set out on, but until they are back with more music it is hard to say. Bodyguard lacks that whack vibe that the band had on Scum With Boundaries. This album is a step forward for the band but a step in the wrong direction.

Written by- Joe Collins


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