in-ter-a-li-a- At The Drive In



At The Drive In shattered the underground seventeen years ago with “Relationship of Command.” Which shaped modern post hardcore and allowing bands such as Thursday, Thrice, and mewithoutYou to exist. It’s hard to imagine any sort of modern underground scene without the band. Shortly after the release of “Relationship of Command” the group split and went their separate ways with the occasional live show across varying music festivals. The legendary group is back, and “in-ter-a-li-a” sounds as though the group hasn’t been gone at all, with exception to Jim Ward. “In-ter-a-li-a” packs just as much energy as the recordings that came out seventeen plus years ago. It’s raw and stays true to the early 2000’s post hardcore sound, while bands like mewithoutYou and Thrice have strayed from this path over the past couple years. At The Drive in maintains to be political in their own right, and it’s almost impossible not currently be. Singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala has never been hesitant to be upfront about political climates as well as other issues that he’s faced in life. Cedric manages to keep his very poetic style of writing and explicit statements which have always been the forefront of the band. The production on this record is pretty good, it’s not anything amazing but it sounds nice and even. But I don’t think Omar Rodriguez Lopez is showing off what he is capable of on this record, I’ve enjoyed the work on the eight solo records he’s put out this year more than what I’m hearing on this record. I do think Paul Hiojos and Tony Hajjar sound amazing and help bring this record to life. As for Keeley Davis I don’t really know what to say, I don’t know anything about his previous work, and this being his first project with At The Drive In. He is no Jim Ward though. At The Drive in have made an amazing comeback with “in-ter-a-li-a” and I hope they stick around for a bit. “In-ter-a-li-a” is out through Rise Records on CD, vinyl, and all digital formats.

Written by- Zander Velleca.


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